Facets by Leah Hokanson
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My great grandmother Leah Diamond Starns was born in Amsterdam in 1853 and died in London in 1919. I know little about her except that she was Jewish, her family worked in the diamond cutting industry, and she moved to England in her late teens, where she met and married my great grandfather, Henry Starns.

A few years ago in one of those “aha” moments, I had a sudden, deep recognition of her. It was the first time I had experienced such a visceral connection to someone I’d never known. Her arrival was a portal to the ancestral field, and to a deeper sense that life is shaped by a vast, diverse, and fluid array of influences, seen and unseen. As nineteenth-century writer Maurice Maeterlinck wrote: “Signs of a life that we cannot explain are everywhere, vibrating by the side of the life of every day.”

Facets is my way of honouring both Leah Diamond and the beautiful conundrum that is a multifaceted human being living in a complex world. Facets is also a personal song-writing journey – exploring the wild, capricious, quirky, ecstatic, and intimate – while leaning into life’s constant, unequivocal, and ultimately liberating companion: death.

I am grateful for all the loving camaraderie and support I have received along the way – from friends, family, community, and a magnificent group of musical souls.

With love,

With Gratitude …

to magnificent musical collaborators Marisha Devoin, Allannah Dow, Sean Drabitt, Tina Jones, Pierre Komen, Nico Rhodes, Rick Salt, Frank Sehr, Steve Smith and Hans Verhoeven, for their creativity, musicianship, generosity and boundless good will;

to recording wizard Rick Salt for his skill, humour, patience and care;

to Didier Fiszel, Mindy Joseph, and Jeanette Martin for their visual artistry;

to Carolyn Bell, Greg Blanchette, Allannah Dow, the late Marlyn Farrell, Margit Hesthammar, Jacob Hokanson, Tina Jones, Mindy Joseph, Maia Levine, Colleen McCarthy, Anne Morrison, Jeffrey Ruckman, Cathy Tanner, Jen Turner, K. Louise Vincent and Fay Weller for their love and support;


to the Fabulous Fufonics, Life Journey Singers and Song Keepers Women’s Choir for their inspiration and love of music;

to my writers circle: Sonja Arntzen, Dave Neads, May Partridge and Janet Vickers for their encouragement and camaraderie;

to Lulu Performing Arts Society and the wonderful community of Gabriola Island, British Columbia;

to my teachers — near and far.

and to my beloved parents Ernest Hokanson and Irene Seaman Hokanson, my family and  ancestors. I dedicate Facets to you.