Leah Offers the Following Workshops

Sounding Circles

Exploring the voice as a vehicle for healing and transformation

Sounding Circles

Sounding Circles are an invitation to explore vocal sounding, and sounding as a vehicle for healing and transformation, in community.

Using a series of structured sounding meditations, we will delve into the power of the voice to calm the system, to amplify our intentions, and to facilitate spiritual connection.

Chanting workshops

Sing your heart out in community with Diamond Chants!

What are Diamond Chants?

Diamond Chants are a mystical musical adventure blending the wisdom and inspiration of ecstatic poetry with the eclectic tunefulness and grooviness of popular music – including jazz, R&B, pop ballad, funk, world music, and more. Diamond Chants are meant to be sung to, danced to; harmonized and improvised to. Their purpose is to ignite joy!

***Workshops are generally two hours.***

Giving Voice
An introduction to the transformative power of
Vocal Sounding

Giving Voice

I am very excited to be offering Giving Voice at The Haven on Gabriola this coming June 19th-21st, 2020!

Giving Voice is an invitation to explore – through vocal sounding, guided meditation, embodied inquiry, and deep listening practices – what it means to be a vocal sounding being living in a vibratory Universe.

Together we will create a safe, enlivening, playful and nurturing environment to explore the voice as a vehicle for self expression; as a powerful vibrational healing medium; as an ancient and universal channel of belonging; and as a portal to deepening presence and awareness.

If you would like to schedule a workshop in your community, please contact Leah